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The journey: 

Magic Hands Solutions LLC 

Magic Hands Solutions is the brainchild of creative innovator Ashley Encalade, who was on the hunt for a natural and convenient way to remove the smell of peel & eat seafood from her hands without needing water. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she created her own! A native of Violet, LA, Ashley is a small-town girl who can survive in the big city with the best of them- and has a world travel background to prove it. She graduated from Florida A&M University in 2005 with a degree in Agriculture Business, not realizing it would help her on this quest later in life. As a single mother to a future creator-in- the-making with a big love for life and food, Ashley began looking at the world with different glasses. The use of natural products that wouldn’t be harmful to her daughter became a high priority, but they were not always easy to find. With food being the heart of what keeps most families engaged and together, the need to clean up quick and easy- especially when out with a child- is a necessity for all parents.  After living in Texas for a few years, Ashley made her way back to Louisiana to be closer to family and a part of the wondrous culture that is the Pelican State. Anyone who’s been to Louisiana knows how important seafood is to the culture, and also knows how messy a good ol' boil can be. Inspired by her father Vern’s car detailing business, Ashely went to work on developing Magic Hands Solutions: a natural waterless solution that eliminates the smell of seafood, smoke, and spices off your hands. What started as a personal journey turned into a solution to help others in search for the same thing!

 Owner, Ashley Encalade

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